Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Got Poppies? 5x7

Had so much fun collaging these beauties.

Adding detail in pencil. Such gorgeousness already, but a few more layers left to go. Below is the finished piece, on a bed of collage papers. Mixed media on 5x7" canvas panel.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mixed Media Birds and Flowers

I've been spending much more time painting lately and have had a marvelous time developing some new ideas!  I have a lot more on my to-do list, so stay tuned...

Owlet Among the Ferns, mixed media, 8x10" canvas panel - SOLD

Golden Warbler in the Forest, mixed media, 6x6" canvas panel. Available here.

Oriole Love, mixed media, 8x10" canvas panel. Available here.

Fairy Wren Resting, mixed media, 6x6" canvas panel. Available here.

BlueGreenJay, mixed media, 8x10" canvas panel, custom framed in black wood with raised detail.
Available here.

Hummingbird, 4x6" acrylic on paper - SOLD.

Rosey Morning, acrylic, 4x6" canvas panel - SOLD.


Another 6x6" study in the style of Sandrine Pellissier.  I thoroughly enjoyed the layering process involved in creating this painting! 
Acrylic, spray ink, acrylic gel pen, and dip ink on heavyweight acrylic paper.

Art a la Sandrine Pellissier

On to a new project, inspired by Sandrine Pellissier @paintingdemos--this piece was done based on a step-by-step tutorial found on her website ARTiful Painting demos! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful skills with the world. On my bucket list: a visit and in-person class with Sandrine in her Vancouver, BC studio!!!
p.s. I gave this to my friend Tina for her birthday and I think she loved it!